Review: A Tale of Two Airships

A Tale of Two Airships (Take to the Skies, #2)A Tale of Two Airships by Katherine McIntyre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes I not sure where to begin a review. It is kind of like I want to start with the excellent writing, although maybe I will start with the excellent characters, maybe the excellent settings and scenes. Maybe I will just start this one by saying, A Tale of Two Airships by Katherine McIntyre; making armored corsets sexy again!

I loved A Tale of Two Airships. Naturally I read the first book in the series and found I needed more! The tale is an engaging one, a steampunk setting with characters who you can see in your mind’s eye.

I often say the mark of truly great writing is when you worry about the characters as you are reading. What I mean is when one of them dies, you are sad for that character; when one of them is in peril, you don’t stop reading until you know they are safe. This is what the Take to the Skies series offers in spades. Even an inanimate object, the good ship Desire, is written in such a way that you are concerned for its well-being.

While I think it is possible to read this book without reading the first in the series, you are going to want to read the first one. Heck, buy them all at the same time. There are things in the first book which lend themselves to why people are taking certain actions and making certain decisions.
Not a heavy read, by any means, Katherine enjoys telling a good story and doesn’t weight it down with tons of extraneous stuff. Like a good roller coaster, it leaves you with that awesome feeling in your tummy by the time you are done with the ride!

I hate female fictional characters who are strictly one-dimensional cliches. Captain Beatrice is not some flower who wilts in the sun. As a man, I like a good female character who is still feminine, but will run into battle with me, screaming her head off and slicing through the enemy. And then she’ll buy the first round at the bar for her crew. In short, Beatrice is a character who is equally likable for men and women alike.

She also has enough of a backstory to ensure we know exactly how she has these skills in battle. She comes by her battle gravitas honestly. As she does the honor of serving as captain. In this book, there is now shortage of likable characters.

I could go on, but you shouldn’t spend your time reading my review. Start reading A Tale of Two Airships!

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