Review: Bone White

Bone WhiteBone White by Ronald Malfi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It always seems fair to state up front in a review I am giving is form an author I am already a fan or. So, here I go, I am a huge fan!

“Bone White” introduces us to Paul who has not heard from his twin brother, Danny in over a year. All he has is one photo of his brother in front of a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Paul soon finds himself in the small village of Dreads Hand, Alaska.

The people are far from friendly, and seem intent on getting rid of Paul as soon as possible. Undeterred, he enlists the help of a state investigator who follows her own investigative trail.
After finally being bum rushed out of Dreads Hand, Paul drives down the highway just long enough to make the local authorities think he’s truly left. It’s then that things start to get very interesting.

The story is gripping and engaging and most importantly it has characters you care about. The vivid descriptions of Dreads Hand, Alaska make me feel like I am there myself. When Ronald Malfi describes the biting cold, I actually got shivers. When he talks about people walking through ankle-deep snow, it evokes memories from the past of me walking through the snow.

Ordinarily I try to find one thing to say in any review that could be done better. I simply can’t, this book was just far too good. “Bone White”, by Ronald Malfi is an excellent read. Plenty of psychological twists and turns to keep you guessing. Another well-done performance by Ronald.

-Bryan the Writer

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Book Review: Cold Cuts

Cold CutsCold Cuts by Robert Payne Cabeen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Possibly radioactive mutated penguins? Hell yeah!

Enter the tale of Ozzy and Ben. Two researchers in Antarctica on an expedition. The two friends soon encounter a world trying to kill them as they are attack by a mysterious organization and mutated creatures which seem bent on killing anything and everything in their path. The main problem? There are just so many of the damn things; there is no way they could ever hope to win out. Or can they?

“Cold Cuts”, by Robert Payne Cabeen, is a fun read. You have to be into the gory end of horror to appreciate the truly masterful way he wrote the story, but if you are this book is for you. World building in such detail to carry the story, he relies on the character dialogue to move the story along and that is the mark of a good author in my humble opinion.

In reality, there are some sections I thought were completely over the top, but maybe that is the point. Sometimes over the top is what you are looking for in a good read. This book, for me, falls into the category of a good airplane read. One that you bring on a plane and enjoy the heck out of it.

The one small critical comment, and this is a small one, I simply didn’t fall in love with the characters to the point that when something horrible happened to them (or good) it had much of an impact on me. Still, it is a small thing for me as a reader and you may have a completely different take on them.

I can recommend “Cold Cuts” to those who don’t mind a good amount of blood with their reading. And, by the way, the ending is completely over the top, but that’s alright. It is fun in an absurd sort of way to make it entertaining.

-Bryan the Writer

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