Review: Greetings From Sunny Aluna

Greetings From Sunny AlunaGreetings From Sunny Aluna by Eric Lahti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always like to point out if I am already an existing fan of the author and anyone who knows me already knows I am a big fan of Eric Lahti. Eric hooked me with his Henchmen series and I have read his book, The Clockman, so it was perfectly natural that I would pick up Greetings From Sunny Aluna.

First, you have to understand that Eric is a masterful world builder and Aluna is a place I wouldn’t mind going to see. He paints two equal and opposite views. One of a city incredibly dangerous to those uninitiated in the ways of the darker side of Aluna. In the world that exists for the main protagonist Crow, he not only loves it but also feels at home there.

Things seem to go sideways in Aluna when a young boy, his pet dog, and his pet dinosaur (yes I said dinosaur) get taken from Earth to Aluna for their own protection. For those of you familiar with The Clockman, you will recognize some favorite characters. I personally would love to meet Mrs. Chow and dive into a bowl of her delicious noodles.

Eric not only has a way with world building, but he also has the uncanny ability to get you to care about the characters in my humble opinion, this is the mark of a truly great author. Without spoiling too much, something bad happens to one of the aforementioned characters, and it just about tears your heart out.

As each character rips and plunges their way through the world, you get to see that world through their eyes. You hear their thoughts, feel what they feel, and partake in every moment of their lives. This genuinely invests you in the storyline of Greetings From Sunny Aluna.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in science fiction, action adventure, or fantasy. However, I would also argue that the story-line itself is so engaging that anyone who is looking for a good general fiction read will find something in this latest work from Eric Lahti that they will enjoy.

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