Why I Write, by Hurricane Irma

A small part of me hates flying. I know I’ve said that before, but it came into sharp focus today while the airplane I was on flew through the remnants of hurricane Irma. The woman, sitting across the aisle from me, was visibly terrified of every bump and sudden increase or decrease in altitude. I had to pat myself on the back a little though, while I wasn’t thrilled with my impromptu rodeo lesson, I wasn’t scared. Turbulence, even extreme, is part of modern air travel.

M80 Jet
Ready and bounce!

Bouncing around in the sky has a way of making you take more of a philosophical look at your life. At the same time we were gaining and losing 100 or more feet of altitude with little or no warning, I was reading a book about writing. I am really enjoying it. It is by Crystal Lake Publishing and is called, Horror 101: The Way Forward. The book is a collection of advice from other horror writers about the industry. One of the authors pointed out something I hadn’t really given any thought to. So, today, I want to give it a little thought. The question they asked was so deceptively simple it snuck up on me. What do I hope to get out of writing?

I know it is hard to believe, but writing a novel does not make people magically show up at your door with wheelbarrows full of money and a limousine waiting to take you to a book signing. As a matter of fact, so far I have spent more than I make as an author. So, why put up with the headaches and frustrations of writing?

I gave it some thought and the answer came to me in a flash! I do it for you. You … yes you. I am a firm believer that if I keep plying my trade I will ultimately be successful as a writer. For now, I am going to be content for things like what happened to me this week. I saw, on someone’s Twitter feed, a quote from one of my books. One of my books!

It is a small thing, but it made my heart sing in a way few things can. I grinned stupidly from ear to ear and got that wonderfully buoyant feeling I get when someone tells me they liked my story.

So no, you are not likely going to see me sneaking out to an expensive steak house and hob knobbing with the rich and famous. But, I really don’t want to. I would much rather work on stories which people enjoy.

Just some thoughts from 30,000 feet up. Have a great rest of the week everyone and if you haven’t liked me on Facebook, I will cry. I swear I will. Great big crocodile tears!

-Your Humble Servant,


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