It’s Horror, what we do for people!

The Golden Girls, Friends, The Odd Couple … they all had one in thing in common, friends!

As I was driving home today from “Scares that Care”, an annual convention which celebrates all things horror related, I was trying to think of the best way to put friends in perspective.

  • Friends are like … oil? Every once in a while you need to check the levels and make sure you have enough. Hmmm … maybe not, too many dipstick jokes.
  • Friends are like … ice? The more you have the cooler you feel. Ummm … no. Friends are not normally cold and melt.
  • Friends are like Oreos? Not even going to complete that thought.

As I sat at the convention this weekend, a worthy cause to raise money for people in need, I was surrounded by new and old friends. Some people I’ve known for years. A few people I got to know this weekend and they quickly became a friend. A couple I only saw once last year and when we got together, it was just like time had never passed.

A bishop, the grim reaper, and a plague doctor walk into a bar …

People who are really into horror are a sort of an unusual lot to figure. You have the people who dress up like demons, monsters, and otherworldly creatures. There are people at the convention who wear t-shirts from other conventions dedicated to monsters and horror. Then you have people walking around in shirts dedicated to things like knitting … cats … and other less threatening activities. You get it all, little ones who love to watch the classics with their parents and can recite line and verse from Goosebumps. Mothers, who are a perennial favorite at their local bake sales and spend their quite moments reading everything they can get their hands on pertaining to real life serial killers. Then you have the grandmas and grandpas who love the genera of horror and walk calmly around the displays, taking it all in.

Everyone has one thing in common they love horror. And, if no one else gets it, essentially they just don’t care. I was talking to one of our neighbors at the next table over about the beauty of horror fans. It comes down to this. We all are essentially lovers of all things horror related and that is what binds those odd-looking people wearing a necklace of human ears, the mother who dressed herself and her one-year-old up like zombies, and the grandparents walking around in slacks and polo shirts.

This year I added tons of new friends to the mix. In addition to the new fans I hopefully gained, I also met Pisay Pao, or Cassandra, of Z-Nation fame. BTW, one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She even introduced me to a few of her fans and friends who attend all of her events and they came to my table and visited me. I am glad to add them to my list of casual friends who I hope to see again at another convention.

But, I guess that is how things work. You meet people in real life and the web of friendships grow. All of us joined in our mutual love of all things horror related and a desire to do some good in the world! I’d like to think that, at the end of the day, we accomplished our mission.

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