My friends, Bryan the Writer is tired

I really don’t like social media. As I’ve said in the past, it is a necessary evil. To be a serious author, you have to have a social presence. If you don’t, there’s no way for your readers connect with you. Gone are the days where an author will write a book behind walls and hardwood doors, never to be seen by the public. That reality, if it ever existed, is nowhere to be seen today.

When I was in England, I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Globe theater. The Globe theater sits where it was originally. The remains were actually found underneath a nearby parking lot. Presently it is impossible to reconstruct it on the location where it was originally. However, the present day Globe theater is not too far away from the original location. It is then painstakingly reconstructed in the manner what it looked during Shakespeare’s time. It is highly likely Shakespeare would have readily recognized the modern theater he helped to found.

Master of the Globe Theater

The reason I bring up Shakespeare is that he participated in the social media of his day. He not only wrote plays but he was an active contributor to the artist community around him. The Globe theater was not just used for performances, but it was also a place for actors to meet and hone the skills of the trade. Even in Shakespeare’s time it was impossible to hide behind the wall, free from prying eyes.

What makes it more difficult today is that no matter what your stance is on a particular issue, the opposing viewpoint will just assume you’re an idiot for not supporting there’s. I like to think that I am pretty open-minded. I think it’s important to understand the other person’s point of view. I also think it’s very necessary to be able to admit when the other side’s point of view has influenced your own.

I promise you I’m not getting into politics here, but I am reminded of the debate I accidentally found myself in on healthcare. Tricky business, this healthcare. It’s not really easy to fix all of the problems of healthcare. The system itself is gigantic. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work because there are nuances which will be problematic. However, allowing healthcare to become the Wild West doesn’t really work either. Too many people would be left in the lurch.

I’m not trying to solve the issue here, just simply point out the problem we have right now is that too many people are talking at each other instead of to each other. This problem is exacerbated by social media. We can just throw our opinions out there for the world to see and never check that post ever again if we don’t want to. The other side can do the same and no one ever really communicates.

I guess, if you boil down this blog, I will submit to you that it would be great if we all could just stop posting to Facebook for a while. With the time we’ve saved, not posting inflammatory comments pointed at the other side, we could talk. Just sit and talk.

Maybe over a cup of coffee, glass of wine, mug of beer, flagon of ale, snifter of brandy or any other type of beverage you prefer.

My friends, Bryan the Writer is tired. I’m tired of the arguments. I’m tired of too many people talking and no one listening. The idea that the conservatives have the right answer or the liberals have the right answer is ridiculous and foolhardy. No one has the answer; however, I’m convinced we, collectively, as American’s do have the answer.

We are not a cold and heartless lot. We are also not mindless Socialists who let the government control everything. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Pray some enlightened person finds the answer.

– Your Humble Servant



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