The Lesser Sin, by D.B. Corey

The Lesser SinThe Lesser Sin by D.B. Corey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to admit, I love a deeply conflicted and morally ambiguous hero. One who you know you shouldn’t really root for, but can’t help yourself. D.B. Cory gives us one such hero in the form of Hanna Braver. A sniper who forged her warrior prowess in the fields of Afghanistan, only to return to a pretty screwed up world, which sees the torture and death of her sister.

“The Lesser Sin” is a complicated story and really sets itself up to be a sequel from the first half of the book. Aside from Hanna’s dogged pursuit of the man who killed her sister, you are also presented with Cole, her CIA handler who has more skeletons in his closet than one can count. We don’t know the true nature of those skeletons, but get the sense D.B is going to give us a glimpse of that in the next book.

If there is one thing I would caution you about is that there are a couple of places where I felt the police procedure end of things were a little weak. For example, there were a few places where I thought the character of Detective Finn would have acted differently in the real world. However, I will also point out that I also have a background in law enforcement, so I look at these things with a critical eye.

However, “The Lesser Sin” has the one thing that I love to see in a novel. Characters I can care about. I find myself concerned for Hanna’s safety, disliking Cole, and not being entirely sure how I feel about Sonja. I get the impression, D.B. meant for me to have mixed feeling about Sonja at the end of the book. I kind of like her, but feel like she has something up her sleeve.

“The Lesser Sin” is overall a great ride and well worth the trip. I can highly recommend it to all my readers who like a good dark thriller.

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