I am angry for the children of Manchester

As humans, we say a lot. It seems that at times on Facebook and other media we offer opinions, conclusions, and theories on things that we largely don’t know that much about. Today I was dismayed at the opinions, thoughts, and ideas portrayed on social media about the events unfolding in London.

I have friends who live in London, as a matter fact I have friends living all over England. It’s unfair and even outrageous that people would even consider the social dialogue that’s going on right now with regard to the young people who lost their lives in London. As a matter fact, I’m going to say something that I seldom ever say. I find people engaging in this kind of dialogue despicable human beings. Behind every one of those harebrained theories, idiotic comments, and downright mean observations there are grieving families. Anyone sitting there and saying this wouldn’t happen if we all just learn to get along should be forced to get on an airplane to England and say that to the parents that lost a child in the explosion.

As I read over some of the media today, I found myself physically ill. I couldn’t understand how this got politicize so quickly. Many years ago, I was a firefighter and I remember one scene where a young man was involved in a car accident. We worked him, and that is to say that we try to save his life, but failed. That bothered me for weeks and there was no way I would have ever thought about making a political statement about it. I kept thinking to myself how sad that loss was for that family. And yet, today the value human life is so cheap that we can’t even stop and be sad about such a senseless tragedy.

I don’t give a damn what your political beliefs are, and I don’t give a damn who you think the blame should fall on. If you’re out there, spouting nonsense about how this shows one political organization is right and one political organization is wrong, in my mind you’re a fucking coward.

I realize of course, this isn’t going to stop people from being ridiculous and showing their own ignorant opinions on the internet. Stupid people are going to spout all kinds of half-baked theories. It is my solemn hope that somebody somewhere sees these words and stop and think that maybe anything they post on the Internet could be seen by a family member of one of those children who died.

It is my fondest wish that those responsible who provided any kind of material and technical support for this act will meet a horrible end. I mean … I hope they’re sitting around their house congratulating each other on a job well done when a large explosion rips them into tiny pieces. Yes, I can understand why people would want justice in the form of a prison sentence, but not me. I can understand why people would think that way, but I simply cannot share this philosophy. My daughter could have just as well been at such a concert. Any one of those children could have been my own. It is my firmest belief that there are people in this world who are so evil, so devoid of humanity, and so reprehensible that they lose the right to live.

And furthermore, when they reach whatever passes as their after life, I hope they’re judged. Judged not by a higher power, but by the people whose lives they took. It would seem to me that this would be ultimate justice.


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