Living in the town of Riapoke

There is a strange feeling that comes with the completion of a novel. I don’t mean the day you type ‘The End’ on the final page, but the day you actually get all of your files loaded if you are an indie-author like I am. I can guess it is probably the same when an agented author gets the final e-mail indicating they are essentially done futzing around with the files and need nothing more from you.

I am proud to tell you I have finally finished Riapoke. Those of you who know me will realize this was supposed to be my fourth book, but it ended up taking third position for a couple of reasons I won’t go into. No matter what the positioning, it is out there and exists in the world for pre-order. It’s official launch date will be the 27th of May. Click on the graphic below and you can see Riapoke on my author page at Amazon.


I am, naturally, ecstatic but also a little frazzled right now. My life has been pretty much solely about this book for the last eight months and now that it is done, I can’t help but feel a little like I am wandering the halls of my house wondering, Well, what should I do now?

Perhaps that is always the way writers are supposed to feel once they get a project done. A little euphoria mixed with the confused impulses of feeling like you are supposed to be doing something with yourself, but not really entirely sure what.

Naturally, some of you are going to glare at me and say, “You need to go write something.” A few will even suggest I take the day off and relax a little. To be fair, I actually did take two days off, but that was so I could attend a book related event in Virginia Beach, so I guess that doesn’t really count. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I did work on the outline for a future project.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, sitting down and writing something … anything … is the right answer (the write answer?). Take a moment to be happy I finished Riapoke (now available for pre-order) and then just put my nose back to the grindstone to see what tale falls out of me next.

-Your Humble Servant


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