Book Review: Transmute

TransmuteTransmute by Eric Lahti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To be fair, I am already a fan of Eric Lahti so I was excited when this book came out. I have read the entire “Henchmen” series starting from book 1 and have now finished “Transmute”. I love books in a series where I can get into the specifics of the characters. I get to grow to like and know those characters as if they were family members. You smile when they triumph, you wince when they’re in pain, and you feel sad when they fail.

Eric has a storytelling style all his own. He takes you from the beginning of the book to the end and pulls you through by your nose. His books offer the same adrenaline filled ride every time and consistently. With a mix of martial arts, witty humor, and his own brand storytelling I found myself turning pages as quickly as my fingers could move. This style of storytelling is where Eric excels in why he is one of my favorite authors.

In “Transmute”, we join Stephen, Jess, Eve, Wilford, and a host of other characters returning from the previous books. He even introduces us to some new characters we quickly grow to see as part of the team. I won’t spoil anything, but one of them has a sister, and she’s pretty amazing.

Note: This is not a team of incorruptible perfect human beings. As a matter fact, not even really human beings at all. They are flawed; each and every one, in their own way. However, that is what makes them special and why this team is so effective. Perhaps it’s in their inhumanity that they are most human, and certainly their most endearing.

I can highly recommend the henchman series to anyone who is looking for a great ride. While each book could stand alone individually, I would highly recommend you start the first henchman book and move forward. Even with this being the third book in the series there seems to be no sign of slowing down for this great team in this fantastic story.

-Bryan the Writer

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