Wait … You’re a Writer?

I have a website. If you haven’t seen it, it is www.bryannowak.com. I have a Facebook account, it is @bryanthewriter. I have Twitter @Bryan_TheWriter. I even have recently set up an Instagram account, although I’m not terribly sure how or what I’m doing with that yet.

Even with posting to all of these social media outlets it shocks me when people I’ve known all my life say to me, “Wait … you wrote a book?” Well, two in fact with a third about to be finished. There is a fourth out there in the wind, but I’m waiting to hear back from the publisher about it.

bry12x9 (1)
Wait … you are an author?

In the book, “Riapoke” I actually use my fiction to vent a little about how some things get completely lost in the wind these days.

“The old man took a deep sip of coffee and stared out the window toward the trees on the other side of the highway, pondering what string of words would be best to answer a difficult question. Putting the cup down and letting out a heavy sigh, he stared into Meghan’s eyes, searching for answers he himself struggled with for years. “You know, there are people in this world who go on around us who are essentially non-people. Let me ask you this; the last delivery driver who came to your house, do you know his name? Of course, you don’t. You only cared that they were there on time, were fast, and then left. The waitress who gave you our coffee, do you remember her name?”

“It’s Rose. Her name is Rose,” Kyle said.

“Very good, young man. I’m impressed. Most people don’t notice the little things that matter most in life. You know, I have over thirty years of trucking behind me, and I can count on one hand the number of repeat deliveries where the manager of the store even knew I’d been there before, or even my name for that matter. Many people scurry in and out of our lives and we never even notice them, not even if they go missing. All we know is that a different waitress brought us our coffee. Or a different delivery driver came to our door. No one ever misses them.” 

At some point social media, and I get the irony of saying this on social media, overwhelms people and simply gives us too much information. Sort of like when the internet tipped the scale from being an academic forum for professors to share information to being the hub of porn and cat videos.

Even this cat knew I wrote a book!

There are literally millions of articles out there about how to get seen on the internet and how to sell your books. I get at least four e-mails a week cold calling me about how this or that company can sell my books for me and make me a NYT best selling author in a month. Literally one promised me that they could help me write a best selling novel in under a week. I can tell you that’s impossible no matter how amazing an author you are. Meanwhile, the ad was filled with spelling errors and mistranslated words which meant it was some Russian company that shoved it through Google translate in an attempt to get me to send them my credit card info.

The internet is essentially an up-hill battle and every day I feel like I’m slipping a little more. Maybe not really slipping as much as every step I take, every new foot-hold or hand-grip I grab some idiot shows up and dumps another twenty feet worth of new rock on top of the mountain.

At any rate, I don’t really have a solution which works. However, recently I signed up for a site called Skillshare.com. It is actually pretty interesting. People that know things about stuff put classes up. I took one so far and really liked it. Taught by a self proclaimed capitalist, he loves nothing more than selling things. It was really interesting. I’m presently signed up for classes in things like Search Engine Optimization so I can better understand how I can get people to stop saying things like, “Oh, you wrote a book?” and hear more things like, “Oh, you’re Bryan Nowak. You wrote a book or something right?”

-Your Humble Servant,


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