Stretching those little bird arms!

To this day, I always tell my sons that they need to stretch those little bird arms of theirs if they want to be as strong as their father. The truth is that one is almost as strong as me anyway. But I like to poke fun where I can.

Writing can be like that too. Recently I’ve been editing. And by editing I mean pretty much that’s all I’m doing all the time. I don’t mind editing, but it can become tedious. It’s sort of like being a gun nut (like I am) and only getting to fire one bullet before bringing the target back to examine the shot. Sure, there is time for that kind of thing. But sometimes you just want to spend lead and shred the target until it falls to the floor in tiny pieces. Or maybe like a baseball player who is only allowed to practice hitting the ball and running half way to the base before being told to come back and try again. Frustrating!

I have a ton more editing to do. But I shoved it aside tonight to work on story idea I have had in my brain for a while. It’s all first person and the main character tells you the story of his family. Granted they are a majorly f’ed up family, but they are a family never the less. Yes, someone is going to be beaten to death and something awful is going to happen, but I am trying to tell the story as an adult, but as if they are remember it through the wonderment of an eleven year old who finds out the world isn’t as great as he thinks.

Getting away from editing and actually letting first draft material flow from my fingertips is intoxicating. The characters are starting to come up off the page and develop personalities of their own. The world I’m creating is surreal in that you are seeing a beautiful mansion, made all the more amazing because an eleven year old mind is telling you about it. Bathtubs become20160124_131456 pools, picture windows become impossibly grand, the dinner table could seat a thousand people or more. It is just great first draft kinds of stuff.

Like I said, it gets me into the groove and feeds my soul. It’s hard only editing for the last six months and, to be honest, I have kind of had my fill of editing for now. At this point I wanted to take some time and get back to the business of just writing new stuff.

I don’t know where this story is going to end up, but I do know one thing. It is going to be a ton of fun to write! Sometimes you just have to stretch those little bird arms.


-Your Humble Servant,




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