The “They” In “They Say”

To be fair, Eric and I sit on opposite political viewpoints, but he is very well spoken and intelligent. In addition to being a top notch writer, he also makes some great points in this blog about not trusting everything you read. I would add that the ‘news media’ is really out there to sell advertising space, delivering information is essentially a secondary goal.

Eric Lahti

Humans have an incredible desire to believe things, especially things that explain how the world works. It’s far easier to believe the pyramids were built by aliens than a large and dedicated work force because it explains something we can’t come to grips with: how would you get that many people to put in that much hard work with so little reward? The people that question this are usually coming off an eight to ten hour shift where they put in as little effort as possible for the maximum reward. Such is our culture that a different work ethic is so alien it may as well be aliens behind the whole thing.

tumblr_oj44v60yuw1vc76nvo1_500 New Mexico needs warning signs like this.

I think it’s because of this uncanny desire to simplify, understand, and believe things that conspiracy theories are as popular as they are. Conspiracy theories provide us with an easy answer to…

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