Journeys Always Begins With One Word

What a journey.

Sometimes a journey of a thousand miles becomes the most clear to you at mile ninety-nine and other times at mile 999.

On November 10th of last year I started down a journey. While I won’t share the details, I want to say it was life changing from the perspective of my writing. I was forced to sit down and actually look at my writing in ways I’d never done before. What I learned was inestimable in value.

Sometimes life is like that though. You can learn things by reading about them or you can learn things by the simple act of doing. Writing is like any other mental muscle you have. Exercising it is the only way to make it stronger. It is like going to the gym. When you are a child, you are impressed with yourself that you can lift twenty pounds. When in your prime you look back and marvel about how amazing lifting twenty pounds seemed as you throw a seventy-five .

Flexing your muscles does take time though. You have to work at it every day if you want to get stronger. I am not unique in that I have other things trying to steal minutes from my day. In addition to the normal things we all have to do, there are kids, errands, and plenty of other fun things I’d rather be doing instead.

I really love video games. It’s true. I am an old school Atari loving, Colecovision playing, Nintendo wanting, and now Xbox One kind of guy. At forty-three, I believe time spent playing games is actually time well spent. What I particularly love about them is how the types of games have changed over the years. We’ve gone from things like Pong and Space Invaders to epic novels in the form of games.  It’s amazing how the field has changed. I love it.

MAGFest 2017!

I also love reading. Reading goes hand in hand with writing and if you are not spending at least as much time reading as you are writing, then that needs to be your goal. Granted, I am not really there yet, but I am working on it. I still read far more than the average American by a long shot. Not as much as my wife. She reads a lot!

All of these things take place in the span of time it takes to live life. Since November I attended MAGFest in Washington D.C. (it was a blast). And I registered for a few books signings/conventions this year. Long story short, I think I am ready for the next year. I feel good about where I am at. Now that could change a lot in the next few months, but for today, this 28th day of January 2017, I am positive everything is headed in the right direction. Now … back to writing.


-Your Humble Servant,



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