Review: Rhest for the Wicked

Rhest for the WickedRhest for the Wicked by Robert V. Aldrich

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sit down, shut up, and hang on! Welcome to Rhest’s world. A world of salvaging, security for hire, and all kinds of bad-assery.

Some books set out to try and make you feel good. Some books try to teach you a lesson about life and maybe leave you a little better for the experience. Richard V. Aldrich’s, “Rhest for the Wicked” is none of those. It is more of a full powder keg of awesomeness lit with a fuse by a guy with cybernetic implants and a team of wrecking ball associates who love nothing more than breaking things and bringing home a paycheck.

Robert’s book really doesn’t have a big backstory to it. You start at the front gates of the adventure. You don’t need it. From the second the team sets foot in the mysterious and lethal Isis facility, they are faced with a world of pain that will have them shooting their way out of bad situations, to falling from an impossibly high tower, and solving a riddle that defies explanation.

Well written and fun characters are built around a world from a story telling point of view. Rhest is the protagonist and also the narrator of the story. He recalls his adventure from his point of view.

The world Robert builds is so awesomely crafted that you can’t help but visualize it.
The one thing I had a small hang-up with is the world he built. While his story telling skills are brilliant, the world can be a little confusing at times, but not enough to frustrate me. It was still a great ride, even with the couple of times I had to go back to re-read sections.

If you are looking for a book to grab and take with you on a flight or just a good ole’ fashioned shoot em’ up SCIFY adventure, this is a great option.

-Bryan the Writer

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