This is why I think Hillary lost

Bleary eyed and coffee driven, I wanted to take a moment to try and bring some clarity, from my perspective, to what happened last night. Before Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets lose their collective minds over this election and all of Hollywood picks up and moves to Canada, let’s have a moment of reality here. From Bryan the Writer, here’s how I think Hillary Clinton lost the election last night.

American Flag

  • From the very beginning, the Clinton campaign ignored rural America and the blue-collar workers who depend on big business, mining operations, steel jobs, and other industries to feed their families. For better or worse, she doubled down on the urbanites, figuring they would be alright with promises of more secure welfare when what they really want is a good paying job. The Latin American gentleman, who takes his oath of US Citizenship, is also worried about what everyone else is worried about; feeding his family. Trump talked to those minority groups and preached the right words and that brought enough people out to vote for him. It swayed things. Look at the wins in those traditionally blue collar states and you’ll see what I am talking about. He won by the slimmest of margins, but he won in places you never see a Republican win.


  • America wants answers. We just do, it’s in our nature. When Former Secretary Clinton figured we would all accept her explanations of the e-mail mess with her assurances that ‘it was behind them and they didn’t want to talk about it anymore’, she left a ton of people scratching their heads. Throw on top of that the dismal job numbers as of late and the pronouncement of double digit increases for Obamacare next year … well that makes people skittish.


  • The way Hillary Clinton left her audience last night tells me everything I need to know to answer the question of why she lost. When it was time to make that phone call to Donald Trump, she, and her staff, walked away and hid. They should have taken the time to walk out on stage and thanked all of their supporters, even if they were going to contest the election results or were flat-out admitting defeat. But, she didn’t. In my humble opinion, that was less than a classy move and shows an elitist attitude. This elitist attitude is what people saw from her the entire campaign. It bled through those awful pant-suits and the American population reacted to it.


What you saw last night was not a vote for President-elect Trump. It was a vote against the last four years. People are willing to give a President four years to see if things improve, but after a second four years, the likelihood of that party staying in power is greatly diminished if they can’t make it all work.

Finally, America, do me a quick solid and take a deep breath. America isn’t going to vanish off the face of the earth because President Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The likelihood is that either he’s going to be able to fix a few things that need fixing, or he’ll be ineffectual as a president. He is more of a liberal than many people take him for. But relax America, take a deep breath, and maybe fix a cup of your favorite hot beverage. Things will be alright.

-Your Humble Servant,




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