Gillian’s Island is A Must Read!

Gillian's IslandGillian’s Island by Val Tobin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently had the great pleasure to read Val Tobin’s, “Gillian’s Island”. If I were an award’s show and there were a category for Best Overall Fiction Novel, Val would definitely be getting that award. I was delighted from the very first page, to the very last.

The story centers on Gillian who is forced to sell the island resort she bought with her now ex-husband. As hard as it is for her to sell the resort, it is made complicated by her sudden love interest in the new owner. This situation is further complicated by the locals not appreciating the fact that the whole shebang was sold to an American.

Although there are bunches of reasons to go out and read this book, I have three great reasons which I’ll bring to the forefront of this review.

1) Val is a brilliant writer in her composition of the story line. The sub-plots of the story are handled amazingly well and seemingly with ease. At the point that the main character, Daylin, is being targeted by someone who wants to do him harm, you realize that you have this wonderful suspect list which is so well balanced that you have to keep reading to figure out who actually is the killer.

2) Val does a great job of character development. The acid test for me, on any book, is if I really feel the pain when the main character gets hurt. I connected with both Gillian and Daylin and that is the mark of a true artist when I can feel that level of emotion towards fictional characters.

3) I am not sure I would put this into a romance, thriller, mystery, or another category. It is just a well-constructed great read. The story keeps you moving along. Sometimes I just want a good story to sink my teeth into and Val has hit the ball out of the park with this one. You just have to read it!

Again, this goes on Bryan’s list of must reads. I am thrilled to recommend “Gillian’s Island”!

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