Transcript from the latest political scandle

Scandals abound in U.S. politics. There are places where people go to have supposedly private conversations. However, there is nowhere in the world you are safe from the prying eyes of the world. Recently a former U.S. official and a seated government official met at an airport, on a plane, to have a talk about something. Although both sides admit to not having any specific political discussions, Bryan the Writer has obtained a copy of the transcript.

After a lengthy discussion, both engaged in a drawn out conversation. Here are the relevant excerpts.

Male: I’m serious, this is really important. We need you on board.

Female: I just don’t know, I really am not supposed to do things like that, it shows partiality. And I am supposed to remain above the fray on these things.

Male: I know, but this is good for American and good for the party.

Female: Fine, but you owe me one. I will step in and ask everyone to read, The Dramatic Dead. It is a definite great read. And really, I’ll be doing it for the party. What does your wife think about it?

Male: Oh she says it is the best book she has read all summer and highly recommends it. When she wins the election … she is going to make it mandatory reading for everyone in the country. 

Female: Umm … you mean if she wins the election. Besides, I’m pretty sure that isn’t legal.

At Bryan the Writer, we cannot confirm the intent of the conversation, but we do know the scandal is ongoing at this time. Want to know more? Pick up your copy of The Dramatic Dead today!  Just follow the link below.

The DD Advert_Pol


-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer




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