Review: Forensics for Dummies

Forensics for DummiesForensics for Dummies by D.P. Lyle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Recently I finished reading Dr. Lyle’s book, Forensics for Dummies. Truth be told, I bought it because I am an author who likes infuse horror with mystery so crime is a mainstay in my genera. When I was in college, I studied law enforcement and had the opportunity to work as a law enforcement officer on the corrections side. This was a good many years ago and when I was writing my last novel, I realized some of my information was somewhat dated.

Dr. Lyle has done a great job in writing an easy to use guide on the basics of forensics. There were a lot of things I already knew. For example, I already knew some basic information on evidence collection. But I still read that section as I found it interesting.

He does a great job explaining some of the basics of pathogens, different types of gunshot wounds, and autopsies. There were a lot of things in the book that I either didn’t know, or had forgotten.
I really found the section on establishing the time of death particularly interesting. As a fiction author, dealing with time lines can be difficult and it is helpful if you can have something particularly gruesome to explain it.

I found this book easy to read, easy to cross reference, and just the right amount of science and places where Hollywood just gets it wrong. It was well written and logically organized. I would highly recommend Forensics for Dummies to anyone interested in the topic of forensics. I know that I will be referencing this book in future writing.

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