Sometimes I forget how lucky I am

It’s easy to beat yourself to a pulp. You can worry about all aspects of your work until you are blue in the face. I don’t care if you work at Starbucks or a Fortune 500 company, all of us face doubt. Recently I went through a stretch where I was doubting myself.


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I got so wrapped around the axel about something that I failed to see the greater picture. Life is like that sometimes. You fixate on a single thing so hard that you miss what is going on around you.


Anything you do in life should not really be about the prize you get at the end. The business world rewards those who sell the most, cut the best deals, bring the company the biggest profit. Those companies seldom give people a pause to look down the road a bit at where they are headed. Will the trophy they were given when they were Salesperson of the Quarter matter worth a hill of beans when they’ve been retired for two years? Probably not.


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Bryan the Writer

Stepping back from my situation I realized that what I was beating myself about wasn’t critical. As a matter of fact, it didn’t matter at all. Everything worked itself out in the end and when I regained my sense of perspective, I realized that my focus should not be on the minutia of what I was doing, but the end goal. Where was it that I wanted to take the process I had started?


I’m fortunate to have people around me who can slap some sense into me once in a while. While I’m busy obsessing about meaningless things, there are countless others who do not have that kind of luxury. I should feel blessed that occasionally I have someone pat me on the back and remind me that I am, more or less, doing okay. And that is something worth celebrating.

So, today, I want to urge you to be careful where you tread these days. Ultimately life is about the journey. Be cafeul that you don’t get so wrapped up in your next step that you forget where you are going!

-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer




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