An Important Announcement From All Candidates

Now, I try to stay out of politics. I really do. It is not my place to try and stump for one candidate or another. But, this time I have to chime in. Statements were made which were so monumental that they simply cannot be ignored. Recently all of the candidates came out and made the following joint statement.

“Dear Americans,

It is important to remember, in these trying times, that certain things remain critical to our fabric as a nation. Chief among these is the need for honor and civility. Because of this we urge you all to take some time and sit back and read. Studies have shown that reading is good for your brain. It maks you happy, lowers your blood pressure, promotes a healthy heart. Reading makes you more intelligent, and we definately need more than that. We promise, for every book you read, the life of a unicorn will be saved.”

While I’m not really sure about the unicorn part, I do know this. Reading is fundemental to who we are as American’s. In fact I think I heard one candidate, who shall remain nameless, say, “No one reads a book like I do. They all say that. You ask people and they will tell you that I read a book better than anyone. As a matter of fact, I’m looking into building a wall of books to combat illiteracy.”


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Help Save the Life of a Unicorn


Another candiate promised free books for all and yet another candidate stated that she had moved all of her books to a personal server.

I want to do my part! That’s just who I am. I’m good like that. Please check out my website for the latest and greatest from Bryan Nowak. You can also go to my Amazon Author Page.


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