Some Advice for Outraged Voters

Recently I’ve started keeping an unofficial count of the numbers of people who are going to move out of the U.S. if Trump, Sanders, or Clinton are elected. Based on my unofficial tally, I have figured out that me and one guy living in Boise will be the only people left in the country.

Armed with this knowledge, I wanted to give some advice to the Clinton/Trump/Sanders supporters. Before you go, consider the following.

The road is long and hard. Transcontinental flights take a while. So does a drive to Canada or Mexico, depending on where you start from. So, if you’re on your way out of of the country, consider downloading a good book or two before you go. For those of you who want to live completely off the grid, feel free to chose paperback! I fully support the wireless lifestyle. Please visit my website for more details!


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Feeling the country? Don’t forget a good book.



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