When Procrastination is not Procrastination

I go through ebbs and flows, just like everyone else in any kind of profession. There’s an old cartoon I love which says, “At work I give 100%. 25% on Monday, 10% on Tuesday, 30% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday, and 15% on Friday.” Writing can feel like that some days too. Sometimes the brain is simply not willing. Or my muse won’t get off the couch and do his part. Either way, sometimes it’s a chore to just type a few lines of reasonably good material.

Over the past few days, I’ve been in a bit of a slump. Although you could really say that it’s less than a slump and more of a simple case of procrastination. Recently I finished work on my first draft of my next novel. I’m very excited about the story line. It’s perfect, at least in my mind, and I really have high hopes for it. There’s only one problem. Since I completed the draft, I’ve been unable to pick the thing up again.

Get it today!

I really do love the story, it takes place in a part of the country I absolutely love, the heartland of Illinois. It features a good amount of death and even a possession. So, you’d think that I’d be all fired up to get on with it. Yet, here I sit. Blogging instead of editing my novel.

In the past two days I have worked on writing ads for The Dramatic Dead, started working on another story line, responded to a bunch of e-mails. I even updated our GPS. Anything to get away from the task of editing.  I know, I should stop being silly and get on with it, but It’s hard.

Ultimately I know I’ll buckle down and get to work, but for now I think I just have to be content to remain distract-able. Life is like that sometimes. I even read recently where it isn’t so bad for authors to get distracted from time to time. It lets the mind wander and stretch its proverbial wings. I suspect I am in the majority of writers who experience a bit of a slump after a major milestone.

Okay then, enough distraction/procrastination. Time to get back to the business of writing and you need to get on with the business of reading The Dramatic Dead. Thanks for reading everyone.

-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer


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