Get Your Pasty Self Outdoors

Regardless of your skin color, or attempts to fake-tan, everyone takes on a pallor if they’ve been in the house too long. It’s something akin to drywall-grey. Ladies and gents, here is a secret, I love living in my head. It is where I’m at my most creative, and professionally the most satisfied with my accomplishments. But I have to force some limits on myself.

You can’t stay in a dark room, all by yourself, all the time! You have to get out and do stuff. Recently I read the Kristen Lamb’s Blog Post, 13 Ways Writers are Mistaken for Serial Killers. I highly suggest it. I laughed so hard I cried and the people on my bus wondered if they needed to call emergency services because I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath. But it reminded me that I am totally guilty as charged … as I sit in my dark room, alone, in solitude … plotting the attempted murder of another victim.

Even the ground cover loves the sun!

It also reminded me of something. Spring!  That’s right ladies and gents, we are in spring time. Get out, see the sun. Smell the flowers. I love the smell of wet mud. Maybe I need to sit down and describe the smell and how luxurious it smells this time of year. Not the hot, hardened smell of dirt we get during the summer. Wet earth smells of the decay of last years leaves, slightly of mildew, but also wet and humid. It is intoxicating while standing in a forest of budding trees with a light jacket on, enjoying the suns rays for the first time since November. It’s the smell of hope and possibility!

So, writing is great. It fulfills our sense and need for creation. Stephen King, in his book, On Writing, encourages writers to get out for regular exercise and commune with the real world. I think that’s great advice. So, I’ll adopt it as my own (sorry Stephen). For heavens sake, go outside! You need the sunlight. Without that stimulus, you are no longer a creative being. It is the food and fuel that keeps you going.

-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer

P.S. On Writing, by Stephen King, is a great book and well worth the read if you are a writer. You can find it on Amazon.



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