What am I up to? Glad you asked!

Greetings Fellow Earth Dwellers!

My Office Chair

To be fair, no one actually asked me the above question, but I wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has followed me either on Twitter or Facebook. Because I’ve been a little quiet lately.


Presently we are all waiting … pining … seething with anticipation for the release of my next novel. It is called The Dramatic Dead and I am so stoked I could almost cry. Expect it to come out, with major fanfare, sometime around the 15th of April. The graphic artist is finishing her work and I am obsessing over the back cover.

My present work in progress is called Crimson Tassels and is set in an area of the country I grew up in. It is really coming along well. It still has a long way to go before it can be considered a novel, but it is getting there.

No Name, is out there in the world to read, if you haven’t I would highly suggest it. I do have a whimsical plan to release a second edition. There are things in the story line I have never been one-hundred percent happy with and I might go back and fix it.

Blog Series

Haley the Space Assassin is a hoot to write. I notice, every time I put the next episode out, I get more and more followers. It is still something I do for fun, but I have now accumulated half a novels worth of words. I may decide to take the first 40K and release it as a novella at some point.  I literally am writing the story line during the 30 minutes I take to eat my lunch during the day.

Speaking of Haley, I am still looking for someone to do a drawing for me. I need a hand drawing of Haley the Space Assassin. If you are interested in sketching something up for me, contact me and I can tell you what I think she looks like. I can’t promise you anything other than my gratitude. But, if the novel does get published, I can promise you that I’ll use the final version somewhere in my novel or novella.


Yes, I said it. Website! Next month (April 2016) you will see the launch of bryannowak.com. On it you will find my latest offerings and other things of interest. No link to my blog yet, but that will come. I have to do some research into how to make that happen.


I am presently politically agnostic! You will not here anything good or bad from me on any candidate for the President of the United States. Why? Well, because, my dear friends, I am not willing to commit literary suicide by turning my readers off. Liberal or Conservative I write for you! But also, there is so much garbage (most of it lies or half-truths anyway) that you really don’t need me adding to it. So, I am throwing my support for that one person who is presently or may possibly run in the near future. I did briefly consider trying to resurrect the Presidential Candidacy of Ralph Wiggum.

-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer

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