Writing is Very Lonely

Writing is a solitary pursuit. It’s just me and my computer. All by our lonesome. In the quiet of our room.

Well, I guess that isn’t really true. Every day I get home and before I sit down to write, my wife has dinner for me. She takes care of me. If it weren’t for my wonderful wife Tanya, there’s no way I’d be able to pursue this crazy dream of becoming a professional writer.

But that’s it. Just me, Tanya, and my computer. Oh, yeah, and my kids. They’re here too. Sometimes they come in and bug me. But they ask cool questions sometimes, and they are proud of their daddy the author. But that’s all of us. Me, my family, and my computer.

20160124_131456Oh yea, I forgot. I have a bunch of friends in the world, and at work who find it interesting, and put up with me talking about writing. And I talk about writing a lot! They tolerate my talking about this problem or that problem. They hear me talk about my misadventures looking for an agent or a publisher. So yes, I need their support as well. But no one else.

So it’s me, my family, my computer, and my friends. Well, okay, maybe I have a bunch of Facebook friends at the Horror Writer’s Association and other Facebook groups who support me and answer questions. They patiently answer the idiotic questions I have about this and that. But they are intensely supportive and give me the pat on the back, or reality check, when I need it. But that’s it. My family, my computer, my friends, my Facebook friends. Maybe only about two hundred people or so.

Oh, and how can I forget, my editors. I have two that I have used so far. Yeah, them too. There is also a publisher guy I’ve been talking to about maybe publishing my book. Oh yeah, can’t forget him.

So, as you can see, and I have clearly demonstrated, writing is very … very lonely.

-Your Humble Servant, Bryan the Writer



2 thoughts on “Writing is Very Lonely

  1. Nicely done Bryan. You’ve managed to create an excellent humorous snippet with an article on something which is misunderstood by so many.
    Unlike your good self, I don’t have an editor, and talking about my writing at work has all but stopped, mainly because I tried, but I don’t push a lost cause.
    My wife is supportive, but doesn’t read fiction, and our son who lives abroad is also supportive, but doesn’t read fiction. My mother and my siblings who all live in different parts of the UK – well, they don’t read, period. šŸ™‚
    I have, like you, all my wonderful electronic friends, and I feel encouraged by the mutual support of the IASD, so I don’t need much else. We all help each other.
    Great post mate. šŸ™‚


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