A Great Young Adult Book to Read!

Sophie's DifferentSophie’s Different by Patrick Hodges

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sophie Devereaux is the kind of daughter every parent would love to have. She’s independent, loving, and as warm hearted as they come! But, as they say, the rain falls on both the good and the bad, and she has the worst day any teenager could ever have. But, not to be deterred, she tries to rebuild her world by talking with her best friends in the entire world.

That’s when, unfortunately, she has the misfortune to get paired with the school hottie, and biggest jerk, in Science class. This pairing doesn’t sit well with the popular girls and their attacks on her ensue. It’s a harsh world out there when you are a teenager.

Patrick Hodges has done it again! Sophie’s Different wraps up the series of books started with Joshua’s Island and Ethan’s Secret. The story is told in vivid colors and in a world where the cool kids rule and the un-popular kids are treated like lepers.

Sophie shows us that ultimately it’s character that counts and she has tons to spare. Coming to her aid is a boy named Ayden who has also had his share of misfortune. But he proves to be her knight in shining armor. He comes to her rescue when she needs it most and the two of them prove to be an unstoppable combination.

There are two ways, in my mind, to write a book. Either have strong characters or a strong world to hang the story line on. Patrick does both equally well, but it’s his character building skills that are strongest. He builds his characters in such a way that you care what happens to them. This is a hard skill to master, but Patrick does this with skillful ease.

That isn’t to say the world he builds is lacking. I can visualize the world he builds for his characters. When the bus comes around the corner, you can see it in your mind. When Sophie is sitting at the dinner table, eating with her family, you can see it in your mind’s eye.

On balance, this is another solid performance by Patrick Hodges. I can’t wait to see his next work. However, I am already a huge fan!

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