Review: The Clockman, by Eric Lahti

The Clock ManThe Clock Man by Eric Lahti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoy Eric Lahti’s work. His ability to tell a good tale is really quite exceptional. In the book, The Clock Man: and Other Stories, we get a few stories. Although one, and I suspect two, will dovetail into the Henchman series.

Out of the stories in the book, its namesake, “The Clockman” was, by far, my favorite. It focuses on a former corrupt (but they all are in this story), police officer. I won’t give too much away here because I hate spoilers, but needless to say, in the mind of Mr. Lahti, nothing is ever as it seems, even if the characters don’t know it yet. I expect to see great things out of, Felix Crow, the central character from story.

Felix is pulled into a world where he is being essentially forced to do something, granted, he is promised that he will be well rewarded, but he is still told to do it or die. He wisely choses to do this thing (again, no spoilers), and he is embroiled in a mystery that brings him face-to-face with an epic adversary. Mr. Lahti is very good at describing the scenes his characters are in. Authors must be good at that aspect of the game of risk turning their readers off. He does the world building piece masterfully without skimping on well-developed characters.

Felix has a host of other characters in the story which appear and help him out. One of these is his companion Chan. Chan, appears in another story and I suspect we will see more out of Chan as well.

Eric is a dystopian writer and even if the story seems normal, it is a safe bet it won’t be for long. Just sit back and watch it happen! For those of you, like me, are not a big fan of the dystopian movement, don’t be turned off! The character building will have you completely engaged and while the worlds are the rough and tumble lives of the quintessential dystopia, it all works well. The worlds work. Granted, not the way we are used to, but they work.

The other stories are as masterfully written as The Clockman, and totally worth a read. You will get a good sense of where the world of Eric Lahti is going to be taking us in the next few years. I cannot wait. That is my only big criticism … I want to read more!

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