Random Musing of a Random Mind

So here I am, blogging. You may ask yourself, why on earth are you doing that? Fair question, and I’ll try to answer it, but I think it is fair to say I’m not terribly sure. Maybe I can explain a little.

Ultimately the job of a writer is to write. Think about that for a minute. We spend countless hours of our formative years avoiding writing as much as possible because the teacher told us we must write something. Then we get to college and we spend tons of time procrastinating as much as we can because we really would rather not work on our assignment. We grow up and get these big people jobs. And then …

We find out that ultimately that big person job we got was not all that it was cracked up to be, but we decided that maybe … just maybe we could find fulfillment somewhere else in life. And so we write.

Blogging is a little counter intuitive. For example, I sit here typing this blog post for people to read. Okay, but shouldn’t I really be working on a draft of the next great American novel? Well, maybe …

Lets look at it another way. If I wrote books, stories, plays, and poems but never actually interacted with people outside my laptop, then what would be the net benefit? You need to know me as much as I need to know you. That is where the power of the blog comes in. I can’t promise you eloquent or even interesting prose every time, but I can absolutely promise you something to read.

The rules of this game are simple, I will write something once a week at least. Not every night as I still have that whole day job thing and I am still working on another novel. But once a week seems doable. Then you tell me what you think?  Okay? Is that fair enough?  Have I asked enough questions for one paragraph? Did you know they were have a sale on question marks and I picked up a bunch extra?

Just kidding, of course. Thanks for reading. I promise something more interesting in my next blog post.

Your humble servant, Bryan the Writer





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